Building the Tail

I finished the tail the other day. Take a look…
iphone-1-16-2009-7-58-49-pm iphone-1-18-2009-1-14-18-pm iphone-1-18-2009-1-14-33-pm iphone-1-18-2009-1-14-41-pm iphone-1-28-2009-6-11-24-pm iphone-2-16-2009-5-51-39-pm iphone-2-16-2009-5-53-52-pm

It is actually starting to look like a wind turbine now. The tail was a bit tuff to build because the welds were all at strange angles, and the tail is long enough that it is a bit unwieldy to work on. It would be best to build a couple of jigs for getting everything setup and angled correctly. This would save a lot of time. I had a little trouble finding the right pipe sized for the tail pivot. It is supposed to be 1 – 1/4 schedule 40 pipe hanging off the frame for the pivot. I found something that worked but am not sure it is shedule 40 because the walls are a bit thinner….I hope it holds up. I will work this out a bit better on the next turbine.

Anyway, this milestone means I am finished doing the welding and can move on to casting the stator (the copper windings) and rotors (plates with magnets attached). I should probably wait a bit longer for the temperature to rise into the seventies or so before doing the vinyl ester resin casting. I hear it is a bit more tricky at very low temperatures, and I want to be comfortable so I can concentrate on doing the next steps right.