Assembling the Alternator

I forgot to take pictures of the assembling process so here is the atlernator fully assembled. It worked out pretty well. The stator coils are slightly offset like I thought, but not too bad. I will drill new holes next time it is disassebled in order to get the coils perfectly aligned over the magnets. It definitely is producing electricity judging from the sparks you get from turning it by hand and cancelling out the leads.
It was a bit more work than I thought to put it together. You have to be really careful so you don’t loose a finger between your wrench and the magnet rotors……ooooch these things bite hard!! You simply have to use jacking screws in order to bring the second magnet rotor down onto the machine. It is unbeleivable the kind of force these magnets can create. There is at least a couple hundred pounds of force between the opposing rotors so you can’t lower it by hand.
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