Sustainable Living Festival 2009

Here are some pictures of the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Festival this past weekend. Wow, I had a great time! I signed up again for all 4 wind turbine building workshops hosted by the guys. I wanted to take these classes again just to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Last year I took all 4 classes but concentrated primarily on building the stator, magnet rotors, and assembly. Somehow I missed out almost completely on the blade carving. So, this time I spent almost the entire time carving the blades. It is really an art and requires a certain amount of guidance, so it was really great. I feel very confident now that I can carve some good blades for one or both of the turbines. I realized that I didn’t really have the knowledge or tools that I needed to do this before.
Anyway, here are some miscellaneous pictures from the two day event…
iphone-9-19-2009-5-08-55-pm iphone-9-19-2009-5-09-00-pm iphone-9-19-2009-11-18-24-am iphone-9-19-2009-11-19-42-am iphone-9-19-2009-11-19-46-am iphone-9-19-2009-11-20-34-am iphone-9-19-2009-11-38-56-am iphone-9-19-2009-11-39-02-am iphone-9-20-2009-3-42-24-pm iphone-9-20-2009-3-42-31-pm iphone-9-20-2009-3-42-36-pm iphone-9-20-2009-3-43-42-pm

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