Carving Wooden Blades

I have been carving the blades for my second 10′ turbine over the summer. Wow this was really an interesting process and takes a lot of time to become good at it. You can mess up a blade in an instant if you are not careful. Here are a bunch of pictures of the process.

iphone-11-11-2009-6-56-39-pm iphone-11-11-2009-6-56-01-pm iphone-11-11-2009-6-55-25-pm iphone-11-11-2009-6-55-07-pm iphone-11-11-2009-6-55-01-pm

You start with a set of blanks that you see above and end up with a complete set of blades mounted on a hub and ready to go. I still need to balance the blades on the actual wind turbine, but I can do that later.

iphone_20100815-080 iphone_20100815-079 iphone_20100815-077 iphone_20100815-078 iphone_20100815-074