Taking One to Texas

I have been meaning to write a blog entry about taking the wind turbine to Texas for a number of years now, but for some reason just haven’t set aside the time. It has sat nearly blank in my blogspot account for 3 years. But here it is…and I will try to keep it short, with it being father’s day and me wanting to spend some time with the kids and work on the aquaponics projects…

Back in October of 2011 I made a solo trip to Texas with one of the two 10 foot wind turbines. An old high school friend named Christian Seger, and wife Lisa, were interested in flying it at their goat farm in Hempstead called…

It was very exciting for me because I knew Christian would make
it happen. Christian is definitely “smart and gets things done“, and getting the wind turbine completely set up on a tower would not be easy. And, all I wanted was to find the wind turbine a home where it would actually be able to fly. Well it is now June of 2014 and it is up and running! Better late than never Christian!!!  😉

Back in 2011, I had disassembled the wind turbine in preparation for the journey to Texas. I laid it delicately next to me across the passenger seat of my crappy old 1999 Nissan Sentra. The pieces filled the entire car and gave me just enough room to change gears. I think the wind turbine was far more technologically advanced than my old car actually.

I hate driving, but the trip was not too bad. It was nice to have some time to think and listen to music that I hadn’t heard for years. I think I turned it into a three or four day trip and combined it with a few client visits. I can’t seem to go to Houston without doing some business.

It was a great trip because we turned it into a pretty big get-together at the farm and invited a bunch of mutual friends still living in Houston.




2011-10-29-13-30-21 2011-10-29-13-30-16

Christian showed us the boat he is (was?) building from scratch! An awesome project indeed. I wonder if that project is complete now?



And, we unloaded and setup the wind turbine in Christian’s garage. Nothing was damaged on the trip and it went together as expected.



Anyway, it was a great trip. It was great to see everybody and hand off the wind turbine, but it went by too quickly.  Now tree years later Christian has it up on a tower…where it should be. I am looking forward to seeing video of it spinning and see it flying in person some day.


I also can’t wait to hear all the details about building and setting up the tower, which is a really big job. Not only a big job but dangerous too.

This makes me want to pull wind turbine number 2 out of the garage and get it set up somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. Maybe someday soon!! I think this blog may have one more entry in it’s future before it gets shut down!!!